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For the Week of August 18, 2014


Can I bill for a temporary pacemaker with a heart catheterization procedure?


No, the description for both temporary pacemaker codes (below) indicates that these are separate procedures, and the codes may not be assigned when the placement is a component of a more complex procedure.

33210 Insertion or replacement of temporary transvenous single chamber cardiac electrode or pacemaker catheter (separate procedure)
33211 Insertion or replacement of temporary transvenous dual chamber pacing electrodes (separate procedure)

In addition, current national correct coding initiative (CCI) edits show that when a temporary pacemaker (33210) is placed on the same date of service (DOS) as a diagnostic heart catheterization, the CCI modifier indicator is "0" and both codes will not be allowed. In this scenario, the column 1 code is the heart cath procedure.

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